Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I apologize for my lack of blogging! Sinced Feb. no doubt!!!!
I had quite a bit go on during the year. In March my hubby injured himself working on his dad's proerty and could not go to work for 12 weeks! He was home with me so priorities changed! lol
He is fine now and back to work. It was a long 12 weeks though! lol

I tried to change my blog a bit and lost all of my links. I have forgotten how to put them back!!!!!! Can anyone help me?!! lol

We have had a busy summer and it passed by so fast! Now the kids are back in school and looking forward to me spending all m time driving them to and from Academic Team practices. I will have two of them participating this year instead of two! All at different schools too! Yikes!!!!
My hubby thought he found a new home for us and we all got excited. Then we sat down and though some more. It is BEAUTIFUL and BIG, but it is not wute arranged how we'd like it if we had to choose.....wait a minute we CAN choose! lol It is our money!!!
So we are backing up and thinking of other options now to get exactly what we want, that "Dream house" that seemed so far away once!
He is thinking about rennovating this one. We will see!
Well, that is all for now, hopefully I will do better now that I can try to find a routine! lol

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