Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello out there!

I continue being busy as ever! Cannot resist a swap including my fav color though. I have been waiting to join the "Favorite Color Swap" since last year! YAY

The kids are busy and really have me on the go. My oldest, now 14 has a job through school with the television production program. She works for the little local station here in town and helps film and produce the games and events around town. Sometimes she forgets to check with my schedule or tell me what she has signed up for! So a lot of adjusting! lol
The rest of the kids are busy at school. The academic competitions have finished up for the two oldest and elementary is this Saturday, so hopefully my son will do well. He is excited about it.

We have a family member staying with us right now too. She is 25 (my cousin) and she is trying to get her life back on track. She has started college and gotten a parttime job so she is off to a good start. She can't drive though so guess who gets her where she needs to go. Yup! Mom's taxi! lol
Thats all I have today. Trying to get back into writing again, so little time though! lol

Hugs N Blessings!

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