Sunday, September 17, 2006

Busy Sunday

What a busy day. I stayed up too late Sat. night cleaning and putting away veggies I bought at the Farmers Market, so I was struggling getting up this morning. After church we ate with family before going back to the Youth service this evening. I had to stop buy Michaels for Nina's science project which is due tomorrow :( But of course I had to survey the yarn section while I was there! They had some real pretty cotton yarns for Fall!!!
There is no way we are finishing this project tonight!. The teacher didn't tell my dd that they were doing this assignment until they were about due. My dd had been ill and out for a week when she gave the assignment out. Guess I will be at the school in the morning to get more time.
I finished another cloth today it was a round one with ruffles. Kinda cute think I will make another. I will post pix later this week. I want to make a potholder to match.

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