Monday, September 11, 2006

Knitters Tea Swap 2

I joined the knitters tea swap2 and I got in just in time. It should be great with so many participants! I am looking forward to tying new teas and meeting a new pal! I usually drink Green Tea, Black Tea and Fruit Teas, but I was reading on the blog from the previous swap about other flavors I did not know existed. Vanilla..yum! that sounds good! Of course I may have to buy some equiptment or ask for instruction because around here there are not many loose tea places and I have never tried loose tea. I have always bought the bags! LOL
So I am looking forward to this and finding out who I am sending to and where they are from.

The girls had music lesson today ( flute and clarinet), and I was rushed to get them there, I had a site based meeting at their school, and the teachers were a bit chatty!
Must finish dinner

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