Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rain Rain Rain!

Whew!! Our week end was rather wet!!! I tell ya the rain came down from above in sheets!!! A lot of areas were flooded out. Thank God we only had some water in our basement but no damage. We lost phone service for over 24 hours cell phone and land line. The phone company had its basement flooded!! The firetrucks were there pumping water out.

I put a My Wish List on Amazon.com, but could not figure out how to post it on the blog, so if anyone can tell me how to get the link on here in case a secret sister/pal wants to see what I'd like please tell me!:)

My middle daughter is home sick, her asthma is giving her fits, she has bronchitis right now. I am sure she will be fine, she now has rested and got some breathing meds under her belt!
Better go start dinner!

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