Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh dear. I neve made it to get the yarn!! The day was jammed packed. After the hair appt at 11:30. I went to fix dh's lunch before he went to cut the church's lawn. Then off to pick up the kids at school. Nina had Academic Team practice till 4:30 and then flute lessons at 5p.m. Breezy had clarinet at the same time. One of Nina's friends neede a ride home from practice, but the poor girl couldn't give me directions to her house. We drove around a while until she saw a familiar site!!
Now we had to tackle dinner and homework! Dinner was chicken from the supermarket andsome peas and carrots. The slow process of homework has not ended they have fallen asleep trying to finish. Nina fell asleep shortly after we arrived back home.

Guess I will try and wake them for bed now.LOL

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