Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I finally finished answering the questions for the SP9 swap. Whew! That took some thought!
I have my Knitters Tea Swap box ready to go out. It has to go a great distance, so I will mail it this week. I also have about 3 or 4 exchanges ready to go out also. Whew! It has been so much fun. I made some coasters, and hopefully I can post pictures tomorrow.


Knitted Cupcake said...

Hey - your tea swap package is on the way! But I just read that you're allergic to wool! The Tea Swap questionnaire said no allergies, so I didn't know in time, I'm really sorry.

Tea Swap Pal

yarnmamapanj said...

Thats okay knitted cupcake, some wools are okay. I put that after reading other questionaires, I hadn't thought of that, guess cause I never buy it for myself...the old fashioned wools I remember as a child (My coats and such) I felt some in the store the other day and I had no problem. No severe reactions or anything, just itching! I can find ways to avoid that. :) Thanks!!!!