Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Woe is me.. We are at it again. Back to the busy schedule with the kids at school. I must organize myself so I can keep up with things!
I am crocheting some more coasters to send to a Holiday exchange partner. I have been waiting for some pretty Christmas yarn at our Walmart, but it has not arrived yet. I saw some online even some cotton Christmas yarn. I hope they hurry up and get some in!!
My dd has started carrying around a hook and yarn in her backpack! It is funny because she just makes chains,,,,, and the kids are asking her to make some for them! LOL I told her she needs to learn how to make a square now!
We are still in rainy weather. It rained all night long and is still raining now at 11 a.m.
Our temps are going back up to warmer for a few days too so they say!
Better go finish these coasters and start on a dishcloth for another exchange!

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